What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the study of how the computer systems and network can be protected from theft or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data, and also the disruption of the services that they provide.

The study of Cyber Security plays an important role because the use of social media is in demand these days, and there should be control over the data that is shared by people.

The Cyber Security course teaches the students how to identify the computer system vulnerabilities, to recognise digital exploitation and also prevent damage such as loss of data, loss of money through viruses.

The individuals in the Cyber Security field are taught how to not only avoid cyber-attacks but also how to implement security measures to prevent such an attack preemptively and counterattack against a cyber threat.

The increasing rate of the use of social media and also the increase in the number of cybercrimes, the need for professionals is more every day. There is a need to stop cybercrime, and so the professionals are required.

The candidates are hired as Cyber Security Architect, Cyber Security Engineer, Information Security Lead, and more. They are hired in some of the top organisations like Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Infosys, and other organisations.

Careers in Cyber Security

The careers in this Cyber Security field are wide, but there is a lack of cybersecurity professionals all over the world to stop the number of cybercrimes happening every day.

There are many options to pursue a career in the field of Cyber Security but as the course is not very well known to people, so is the number of professionals in this field is less. The candidates can apply for many career opportunities after completing the course.

The candidate must know that they want to pursue a career in which a job profile is offered by the organisation.

Therefore, the career opportunities in this field are vast, giving the candidates many options to select which career they want to pursue. Some of the careers in the course are:

  • Security Engineer

  • Cyber Security Architect

  • Cyber Security Engineer

  • Information Security Lead